Fields Included in Basic Wordmark Search

Search Field


BI Basic Index
TI Translation Index
MP Mark including Punctuation (provides highlighting when included with BI)
TL Translation Index  (similar to TI, provides highlighting when included with TI)






Boolean AND - Records retrieved will contain the each of the search terms specified. The order of occurrence of the search terms in the record is not restricted.
OR Boolean OR - Records retrieved will contain at least one of the search terms specified.
NOT Boolean NOT - Records retrieved will not include the search term following the NOT operator. NOT may be used with the SAME or WITH operators to retrieve documents that contain the first term but do not contain the second term in the same paragraph or sentence.
XOR Exclusive OR - For two search terms, records will include either the first term or the second term, but not both.
SAME The search terms occur in the same paragraph. This operator may be useful for searches of Goods and Services (i.e., searching for two or more terms within the same Goods and Services entry).
WITH The search terms occur in the same sentence.
ADJ# The search terms occur in the adjacent to each other in the order specified in the search. A numeric qualifier (1-99) can be appended to ADJ to allow additional words to be between the two search terms.
NEAR# The search terms occur in the same sentence within the specified number of words of each other. For example, the search DOG NEAR2 CAT will retrieve records for which the words DOG and CAT appear in the same sentence with at most one word between them in any order.





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