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PAT. NO. Title
5,751,692 Bus signal detector
5,748,014 Edge detector
5,732,252 Program counter system capable of incrementing or decrementing after a conditional jump instruction
5,717,348 Self adjusting edge detector circuit
5,654,582 Circuit wafer and TEG test pad electrode
5,650,801 Drive circuit with rise and fall time equalization
5,650,041 Semiconductor device fabrication method
5,642,059 Bus driver circuit with overvoltage protection
5,635,420 Method of making a semiconductor device having a capacitive layer
5,582,928 Supply batteries
5,554,875 Semiconductor device with force and/or acceleration sensor
5,545,491 Relating to battery pack arrangements
5,534,817 Voltage generating circuit
5,515,049 Noise-reducing circuit
5,511,155 Method and device for synthesizing all-objects-in-focus images
5,508,953 Capacitor, electrode structure, and semiconductor memory device
5,495,190 Arbiter circuit
5,483,481 Automatic wiring device for design of semiconductor integrated circuit
5,299,906 Self-adjusting pneumatic load elevator
5,041,974 Multichannel stimulator for tuned stimulation
5,008,698 Control apparatus for image sensor
4,879,563 Circularly polarized complementary antenna with patch and dipole elements
4,841,545 Synchronous tracking device for direct spread spectrum receiver
4,828,501 Compact interactive training manikin system
4,764,701 Multichannel surface acoustic wave encoder/decoder
4,104,428 Crosslinked molded pile product
4,094,673 Abradable seal material and composition thereof
4,079,926 Energy absorbing support
4,075,364 Porous ceramic seals and method of making same
4,056,376 Air filter
4,054,521 Indexing mechanism
4,030,473 Crossbow trigger
3,997,098 Helically seamed tubing and apparatus and method for making same
3,994,810 Onstream backflush filter
3,991,242 Panel end structure
3,988,869 Panel end structure and panel joint
RE28,964 Ultrahigh strength steels
3,977,927 Machine and method for making camouflage nets
3,977,847 Filtration method and apparatus
3,977,069 Process and apparatus for production of precision cut lengths of metal wires and fibers
3,974,015 Method of forming compression molded article
3,973,059 Method of making metal flocked fabric
3,961,514 Twist drawn wire, process and apparatus for making same
3,960,650 Machine and method for making a laminate structure
3,931,499 Bowling game counter

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