Programs that automate downloading patent documents from the USPTO and other free or inexpensive sources.

For MS Windows Computers Unless Specified Otherwise
(most have time-limited free demo versions)

  • GetIPDL  FREE , Supports USPTO, JPO, esp@cenet, DEPATISnet, Delphion
  • Patent Grabber  $20, For Macintosh systems, supports USPTO & PCT only

  • PatentHunter  $69.95, Supports USPTO only
  • PatentOrder Desktop, $$$ Supports USPTO, EPO, IP Australia, DEPATIS, INPI, SIPO
  • PatentMax $$$ (search & download, subscription)
  • PatMate  $99, Supports USPTO, EPO, JPO, Delphion, KIPRIS, DEPATIS
  • PatSee Lite  $70 (50 GB)/USER/YEAR  Supports USPTO, EPO, Delphion, DEPATIS, SIPO

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